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Welcome to the LCTPC Japan Home Page

The LCTPC Japan group is developing a Micro-Pattern-Gas-Detector (MPGD) readout TPC for the future linear collider in the "LCTPC" collaboration, which has an Asian subset "LCTPC Asia".

Our Activities

Our R&D program covers the design, prototyping, and construction of a large prototype TPC for linear collider experiments as well as basic studies using a small prototype TPC to help better understand fundamental processes in the TPC. Our current focus is on R&D of GEM (Gas Electron Multiplier) modules.

Members (to be updated)

    Iwate Univ.:
        Shinya    Narita
        Kentaro   Negishi
        Kei-ichi  Terasawa
        Ryoto     Nodagashira
        Hiroki    Kikuchi
        Yukiya    Murakami
        Hiroki    Wagatsuma
        Kanako    Watanabe
        Aiko      Shoji 
        Keisuke  Fujii
        Makoto   Kobayashi
        Takeshi  Matsuda
        Tomohisa Ogawa  
        Yumi     Aoki   
        Takahiro Mizuno 
        Keita    Yumino 
        Jurina  Nakajima

    Kogakuin Univ.:
        Takashi  Watanabe

    Kindai Univ.:
        Yukihiro Kato   

    Hiroshima Univ.:
        Tohru    Takahashi

    Saga Univ.:
        Akira    Sugiyama
        Takahiro Fusayasu

        Ronald Dean Settles   


                 Huirong Qi                              


Lectures / Notes

  • "Basic Physics behand Operation of TPC" by K.Fujii (lecture given originally at TPC School on Jan. 7-11, 2008 in Beijing):
    • Part I: Fundamental Processes in TPC - Ionization, Electron Transport, Gas Amplification, Signal Generation - (pdf: 51MB)
    • Part II: Application to MPGD Readout TPC - Coordinate Measurements (revised on Jan. 11, 2016) (pdf: 13MB)
  • Effects of Ionization Statistics and Gas Gain Fluctuation on Charge Centroid (Notes by K.Fujii on Ryo's thesis work) (pdf: 160kB)


  • "Time Stamping - CDC/TPC Comparison Studies -", LC-TPC TPC R&D Meeting (pdf: 11.3MB) by K.Fujii
  • "Towards the Final Design of a TPC for the ILD Detector", TYL/FKPPL Meeting, June, 2013, Seoul (ppt: 27MB, pdf: 3.7MB ) by K.Fujii