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Submitted by fujiik on Fri, 12/16/2011 - 04:24

Schedule for Regular Meetings

Regular Friday Meeting 10:30 every Friday at Room 425, Building No.3
Weekly Physics & Software Meeting 13:30 every Fridday at Room 425, Building No.3
Asian LCTPC 18:00 every Friday (Evo)
Asian Marlin TPC 20:00 every Thursday (Evo)
VTX 13:30 every Tuesday at Room 425, Building No.3
Regular LC Accelerator Meeting 09:30 every Monday at 7F Meeting Room, Building No.3

Useful Information for KEK visitors and users

  • KEK user support system
    • register as KEK user
    • if you don't have an EDUROAM account, apply for wireless access BEFORE you arrive on site!
    • dormitory bookings

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