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Subroutine Package for Nonlinear Laser Interaction


For the nonlinear laser-electron and laser-gamma interactions, CAIN uses the subroutine package nllsr. This appendix is written for the description of the package. Some arguments of subroutines haven been modified when installed into CAIN, these are not reflected here. Also note that the notation of some variables is different.

Included items in nllsr are

The laser intensity paramater tex2html_wrap_inline7924 must not be too large because the multiple-photon expansion is used. When tex2html_wrap_inline7924 is large, the computing time and the storage requirement will be enormous.

In both the Compton and Breit-Wheeler processes, the laser field intensity is characterized by the parameter
where m the electron rest mass in eV/tex2html_wrap_inline7238, and a is the vector potential (4-vector) of the laser field. When the laser is circularly polarized completely, tex2html_wrap_inline7924 is a constant and is given, in terms of the laser power density, as
where tex2html_wrap_inline10188 is the laser wavelength tex2html_wrap_inline10190 in meter, c the velocity of light in m/s, tex2html_wrap_inline10198, and P the power density in Watt/mtex2html_wrap_inline7792.

Toshiaki Tauchi
Thu Dec 3 17:27:26 JST 1998