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Welcome to our ILC Physics Subgroup home page. The subgroup is a mixture of experimentalists and theorists mainly working in Japan. It has its origin in the previous LC physics study group. The subgroup is partially supported by a JSPS grant: "Linear e+e- collider and Terascale physics" and yet another JSPS grant: "A global research and development program of a state-of-the-art detector system for ILC". The subgroup is, however, formally independent of the JSPS projects and welcomes everybody who is interested in ILC physics. The primary task of the subgroup is to reexamine the ILC physics in the context of the LHC outcome and to further strengthen the physics case for the ILC project. Through its activities the subgroup amis at contributing to the ACFA LC working group as well as to the world-wide LC studies.

ILC Physics Subgroup

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