Proceedings of the ILC Physics WG Meetings, KEK, May, 2007 ~ June, 2009

The ILC Physics Subgroup has been trying to reexamine the ILC physics in the context of the expected LHC outcome and to further strengthen the physics case for the ILC project. This page contains proceedings papers by the working group members on the two-years working group activities since the subgroup formation in May, 2007.

ILC Physics Subgroup

Proceedings Papers

  Masaki Asano, et al   "Precision measurements of the model parameters in the littlest Higgs model with T-parity"
  Yosuke Takubo   "Analysis of Higgs Self-coupling with ZHH at ILC"
  Yosuke Takubo, et al   "Measurement of Heavy Gauge Bosons in Little Higgs Model with T-Parity at ILC"
  Kohei Yoshida   "Measurement of Higgs Branching Ratio at ILC"
  Hiroaki Ono   "The Study of the Higgs Direct Reconstruction in ZH to qqH"
  Nozomi Maeda, et al   "Feasibility Study of Higgs Pair Creation in Collider"
  Junping Tian, et al   "Study of Higgs Self-coupling at ILC"
  Ryo Yonamine, et al   "A study of top-quark Yukawa coupling measurement in e+e- to ttH at √s = 500 GeV"
  Daisuke Harada, et al   "Higgs boson pair production at the Photon Linear Collider in the two Higgs doublet model"
  Shinya Kanemura and Koji Tsumura   "Measuring Higgs boson associated Lepton Flavour Violation in electron-photon collisions at the ILC"
  Taikan Suehara   "Analysis of Tau-pair process in the ILD reference detector model"
  Taikan Suehara and Jenny List   "Chargino and Neutralino Separation with the ILD Experiment"
  Hideo Itoh, et al   "Hidden scalar production at the ILC"
  Katsumasa Ikematsu, et al   "Feasibility study of the forward-backward
asymmetry of the e e → tt process in all-hadronic decay modes at s = 500 GeV with the ILD detector"


The complete set of these contributions is available as a single pdf (8.9MB) file.