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Measurement of vertical displacements (tex2html_wrap_inline863)

Figure 9:   Azimuthal angular distributions measured for 6< r < 7cm at z=+1m for vertical displacements of tex2html_wrap_inline863=tex2html_wrap_inline1153(solid line), tex2html_wrap_inline1155(dotted line) compared with the nominal one (solid circles). The distributions are normalized by the total number of particles.

When two beams collide with a finite vertical displacement(tex2html_wrap_inline863) comparable to tex2html_wrap_inline1015, we expect a vertical, i.e.  up-down, asymmetry in the azimuthal angular distribution. In the simulation beam-1 and beam-2 are initially shifted by tex2html_wrap_inline1161 and tex2html_wrap_inline1163, respectively. We examined the two cases of tex2html_wrap_inline1165 and tex2html_wrap_inline1155, and plotted the angular distribution in Fig.9. (The luminosity losses are 6 and 30% for tex2html_wrap_inline1165 and tex2html_wrap_inline1155, respectively.) Apparently, during a collision the particles are deflected more in the upper side of the electromagnetic field of beam-2, since they are created in the overlapping region between two beams. Therefore, they are deflected more in +y and less in -y than in the nominal case, as can be clearly seen in Fig.9. The ratios tex2html_wrap_inline1177 are found to be 0.76 and 0.62 for tex2html_wrap_inline863=tex2html_wrap_inline11810.5 tex2html_wrap_inline1015 and tex2html_wrap_inline11811tex2html_wrap_inline1015, respectively.

Toshiaki Tauchi
Sat Dec 21 00:34:16 JST 1996