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The parameters of the JLC detector have not been changed since the green book [2](1992). The primary goals are: (1) hermetic calorimetry covering tex2html_wrap_inline1693 0.98 located inside the magnet coil of a 2Tesla solenoidal field; (2) high-precision tracking to reconstruct the recoil mass of a light Higgs boson with a resolution of tex2html_wrap_inline1421200MeV in the process tex2html_wrap_inline1697; and (3) good vertexing to detect b-quarks in many types of background. The technique has been chosen to be conventional so that the scale of the JLC detector is large, as shown in Fig.13.

Figure 13: Schematic view of the JLC detector. The total volume and weight are tex2html_wrap_inline1699mtex2html_wrap_inline1701 and 15,000 ton, respectively.

Recently, a European group proposed the "1 TeV detector" [3] as a high-performance detector, which is very similar to the JLC. A detector with a higher magnetic field (4 Tesla) has been suggested to optimize the performance of vertexing (next section) by C.Damerell at a previous workshop. Such an alternative detector will also be considered seriously.

Toshiaki Tauchi
Fri, Dec 20, 1996 02:24:05 PM