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The hadronic background, so-called minijets, has been estimated for the proposed linear colliders at recent workshops. [16, 10, 4, 5] Since the calculations depend on the poorly known gluon content of a photon at a small Feynman x value of less than 0.1, they have a large ambiguity, for instance more than 100%. For a comparison between various linear colliders, the method of P.Chen [17] has been employed as the standard calculation in the TRC report.gif According to the report, the number of minijets are 0.0052 and 0.0032 per a bunch crossing for JLC-I(c) and TESLA, respectively, with tex2html_wrap_inline1685GeV and tex2html_wrap_inline16875GeV, while the tex2html_wrap_inline16875GeV hadronic events are 3- and 5-times more than the minijets. Since the rates are still low, and, also, the events are boosted in the very forward angular region, no serious problem is expected at least at tex2html_wrap_inline1435500GeV.

Toshiaki Tauchi
Fri, Dec 20, 1996 02:24:05 PM