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[TXT]2009.10-monitor_fatal_error.patch2010-04-07 14:55 699  
[TXT]2009.10.ParameterServer-memleak.patch2010-06-09 13:34 699  
[   ]DAQMM.pdf2010-06-14 11:01 427K 
[   ]DaqComponents.2009.10.pl2.tar.gz2010-06-09 13:30 10M 
[TXT]RELEASE_NOTE2010-03-31 14:11 2.2K 
[   ]SiTCP.2009.10.tar.gz2010-06-09 13:30 6.2M 
[   ]gnuplot.bin.tar.gz2010-03-31 14:11 1.4M 
[   ]json_spirit_v2.06.2009.10.tar.gz2010-06-09 13:30 2.8M 
[   ]lib.2009.10.tar.gz2010-06-09 13:30 1.4M 
[   ]manyo20090410-daq.tar.gz2010-06-09 13:30 4.1M 
[   ]scripts.2009.10.pl1.tar.gz2010-06-09 13:30 34K 
[   ]www.2009.10.tar.gz2010-06-09 13:30 268K 

DAQ-Middleware MLF 2009.10

Release note is available.

File List

DaqComponents.2009.10.pl2.tar.gz DaqComponents sources and binaries.
SiTCP.2009.10.tar.gz Socket library sources.
gnuplot.bin.tar.gz gnuplot for DaqMiddleware. Requires gd and png library. These libraries are available from RHEL 5 distribution media.
manyo20090410-daq.tar.gz Manyo library for DaqMiddleware. We cannot use this library for analysis becauase lack of HDF[45] and Nexus library. (We don't need these library for DAQ).
www.2009.10.tar.gz Web Interface for operation.
lib.2009.10.tar.gz Library binaries of Socket library and jason
json_spirit_v2.06.2009.10.tar.gz Source files of json library
scripts.2009.10.pl1.tar.gz Some utilities (create config.xml using GUI, lookup FIFO etc)

Heads Up

OpenRTM-aist Package

OpenRTM-aist package OpenRTM-aist-0.4.1-9.KEK.el5.i386.rpm is available at RPM directory.

After fetching the rpm file, you can upgrade OpenRTM-aist package using rpm command:
rpm -Uhv OpenRTM-aist-0.4.1-9.KEK.el5.i386.rpm
Or if you used yum to install OpenRTM-aist:
yum --enablerepo=kek-daqmiddleware update OpenRTM-aist

You can verify OpenRTM-aist version on your PC using:
rpm -qi OpenRTM-aist

The other package

gnuplot.bin.tar.gz have not been modified from previous releases. manyo.bin.tar.gz has been updated to 20090410 version + daq patch.

History / Errata


RELENG: Hiroshi SENDAI (June 9, 2010)