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Higgs Mass Reconstruction

In order to see the effects of the choice of the $n \cdot \sigma$cut, we have studied Higgs production in $e^+e^- \rightarrow HZ$ and $Z \rightarrow \nu\bar{\nu}$.Figs.3.4-a) to -c) plot reconstructed Higgs mass distributions with three different values of $n \cdot \sigma$ cut: 1.0-$\sigma$, 1.5-$\sigma$, and 2.0-$\sigma$.These three figures should be compared to each other as well as to Fig.3.4-d) which is the mass distribution with smeared generated tracks. We can see that when n is too small, we have a upward tail in the distribution because of undeleted clusters due to charged hadrons. On the other hand, a too large n misdeletes clusters due to neutral hadrons and consequently lowers the center value of the mass peak.

Figure 3.4:  Reconstructed Higgs mass distributions with different $n \cdot \sigma$ cuts: (a) 1.0-$\sigma$, (b) 1.5-$\sigma$, and (c) 2.0-$\sigma$.(d) is that for smeared generated tracks.

Keisuke Fujii