The ACFA linear collider project has a new name, "GLC"

We are pleased to announce that our linear collider project, formerly known as JLC, has received a new name "GLC".

When R&D on linear colliders began about 20 years ago in Japan, the project was named JLC. Taking the chance of the publication of the Roadmap Report of the project, GLC Project, in spring of 2003, an initiative was taken to call for a new name of the project that reflects its international nature. Professor Won Namkung, Chairperson of ALCSC (Asian Linear Collider Steering Committee) sent a letter of call for the new name to physicists in the Asian region and many responded with candidate names. Members of ALCSC and ACFA (Asian Committee for Future Accelerators) discussed the naming and finally selected gGLCh .

For your reference, two email messages issued by Prof. Won Numkung addressed to the ACFA research community members;