ILC Physics group

The main aim of the ILC physics subgroup is to review and develop the measurements which will be possible at the ILC, keeping in mind recent results from experiments at LHC and elsewhere. We thereby further emphasise the scientific significance of the ILC project, and contribute to its realisation through the Linear Collider Collaboration (LCC). Members have interests in the physics of Higgs bosons, top quarks, electroweak and QCD physics, and searches for new physics, such as SUSY and extra dimensions.

This subgroup comprises experimental and theoretical high energy physicists based at universities and research institutes, largely in Japan. Everyone who is interested in physics at ILC is welcome to participate in the group. Please get in touch with one of the following subgroup co-conveners:



You can browse past regular meetings of our group here (and older ones here)

KEK group

Members of the KEK-ILC group have various interests in ILC physics.

Recent studies include:

The group's activities are supported in part by Kakenhi grants awarded by JSPS.


KEK/IPNS group members: Fujii, Jeans, Yumino, Nakajima