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  The directory 21b/exec contains a csh script file @make which can be used when your system is UNIX, though the script might be system dependent. Otherwise, you have to write a compile command by yourself. @make works only when the current directory is 21b/exec. (You can modify it so that it works anywhere. The only problem is that CAIN does not know in which directory you put him.)

When you compile all the source files, you say @make all, and when compiling only the files you changed, you should just say @make. (When @make all stopped due to a compilation error, @make will be enough next time, because @make all `touches' all the files at the beginning.)

Before doing this, you have to do one thing: to specify the compiler option because it is quite system dependent. There is a csh envioronment variable foption in the file @make. It is passed to Makefiles in each directory. You need to change it for your system. Because of this, you cannot simply make in each directory without calling @make. Hopefully, an empty compiler option will do. (In the laset version CAIN, directories for include files were specified by a compiler option -I. Since this turned out to be system-dependent, the include statements in all the FORTRAN files in the present version, contains the directory names by relative paths.)

Toshiaki Tauchi
Thu Dec 3 17:27:26 JST 1998