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Storage Requirements

A compressed array method has been used in ABEL but this was given up in CAIN, because it makes inter-lab collaboration in programming very hard. In CAIN, dimensions of large arrays are given by parameter statements. Major ones are the following. The given numbers are those in the present version. You can change them and re-compile all the files.

in include/bbcom.h. For the mesh of beam-beam force. Upto MXYtex2html_wrap_inline9166MXY bins. 48tex2html_wrap_inline9166MXYtex2html_wrap_inline7792 = 0.75MB (MXY=128)
in bb/bbfpack/ Also for beam-beam force. Upto MMXtex2html_wrap_inline9166MMY bins. 40tex2html_wrap_inline9166MMXtex2html_wrap_inline9166MMY = 0.62MB (MMX=MMY=128)
It is better to set MXY=MMX=MMY.
in include/lumcom.h. For the mesh of luminosity. Upto tex2html_wrap_inline9178 bins.
152tex2html_wrap_inline9180 = 2.4MB (MMM=7)
in include/lumcom.h. Store differential luminosity. 8tex2html_wrap_inline9166MWLUM = 0.8MB (MWLUM=100000).
in include/beamcm.h. Maximum number of macro particles, including photons, electrons, positrons, test particles, right-going and left-going. (Actual maximum number is 90% of MP because 10% is reserved for newly created particles in one time step.)
192tex2html_wrap_inline9166MP = 19.2MB (MP=100000)
in include/beamcm.h. Maximum number of virtual photons in a time step in an s-slice. 80tex2html_wrap_inline9166MVPH = 4.0MB (MVPH=MP/2)
in include/tstpcm.h. Store the history of test particles. MTSTP is the maximum number of the number of time steps times the number of test particles.
100tex2html_wrap_inline9166MTSTP = 0.5MB (MTSTP=5000).

The sum is about 30MB. The size of the load module is about 0.8MB.

Toshiaki Tauchi
Thu Dec 3 17:27:26 JST 1998