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   Do loop. Can be nested. Two forms are possible. [form-1]DO REPEAT[,]tex2html_wrap_inline7850 n ;
Number of repetition. Can be an expression (evaluated when entering the loop). n>0. (n=0 causes a jump to ENDDO. n<0 causes an abnormal term.)

[form-2]DO WHILE[,]tex2html_wrap_inline7850 a rel b ;
a, b
A relational operator.  One of =, &#;'74, &#;'76, &#;'74=, &#;'76=, =&#;'74, =&#;'76, &#;'74, &#;'76.

The loop is repeated so long as the condition is satified. The check is made at the time of DO command. The values of expressions are REAL*8. If you want integers for definiteness, use Nint( ) or Int( ). End of do loop is ENDDO ; Do not forget ``;''.

Toshiaki Tauchi
Thu Dec 3 17:27:26 JST 1998