Minutes of GLC meeting on 9-April-2004

GLC the Friday meeting was held in a room 425 of 3rd building at KEK for

1. "On detector related warm/cold issue" Slide (PDF) Y. Sugimoto (KEK)

For GLC detector, he reported warm/cold issue.
The detector were vertex detector, Tracker and Calorimeter.
Other detectors will be needed more Study(Simulation and R&D of Detector).

He reported detector issues related to accelerator technology selection.
He described issues on vertex detector, Tracker, and calorimeter.
According to the discussion, no fatal difficulties were found for each
technologies but cold machine is more challenging for a vertex detector
the warm machine is slightly more challenging for a tracker and a


1.Takasaki san, Vice Director of IPNS, KEK, explain a budgetary
situation of IPNS and his view of GLC R&D.

2.The next meeting will be on April. 16, 2004