Reports/transparencies from WG6 ( FFIR, Beam Delivery System ) group in ISG

ISG5 meeting, 22-25,February, 2000 at SLAC

  • Brief report by T.Tauchi.
  • H.Yamaoka, JLC QC support system, pdf, 29pages, 6.85MB
  • T.Tauchi, Pair monitor, pdf, 22pages, 2.1MB
  • T.Tauchi, Luminosity monitor and active mask, pdf, 16pages, 542KB

    ISG4 meeting, 19-21, July, 1999 at KEK

  • Summary of WG6 (pdf,3 pages) by T.Tauchi.
  • H.Yamaoka, Analysis on support tube, pdf, 18pages or tif, 18pages.
  • T.Tauchi, Comparison of ABEL, CAIN and Guinea-Pig focused on incoherent pair production, pdf, 29 pages, and a note on the comparison.
  • The other talks can be seen in a web-page of isg4 meeting.

    I SG3 meeting, 25-28,January, 1999 at SLAC

  • Y.Sugimoto, Neutron background from QC1 at JLC, pdf, 10pages
  • Y.Namito, Muon BG estimation for 1997-type JLC, pdf, 8pages and a note (6 Mar.1997,RAD-D-97/2(KEK) ) pdf, 1page and the second note (20 Jan.1999,RAD-D-98/22(KEK) and LCC-0009 ) pdf, 6pages. You can also see the notes in tif format, 6pages.

    ISG2 meeting, 13-16,July, 1998 at KEK

    Major results of this study can be seen by following files;

  • Title papge of summary report,(postscript)
  • Summary table (1),(postscript)
  • Summary table (2),(postscript)
  • Summary table (3),(postscript)
  • Summary table (4),(postscript)
  • Preliminary goal at ISG3,(postscript)
  • You can see the PDF file by clicking here.