HEP on X with APT/RPM

This page contains installation records of software packages for High Energy Physics (HEP) computing on Intel Macs running MacOS X 10.11. The software packages I installed into my MacOS X box are available as RPMs.   Note that the x86_64 subdirectory (HEPonX 10.11 now supports the single architecture, x86_64, only as MacOSX WorkShop 10.11 does) contains architecture-dependent binaries while the noarch subdirectory contains architecture-independent ones. If you want to build them for yourself, you can get original source files and my private patches as SRPMs or from Ported Source Packages for MacOS X directory which is the place where you may want to look into, when a SRPM only contains a SPEC file describing file contents. MacOS X specifiic patches are in SOURCES and SPEC files are in SPECS.

For those who want to use the precompiled packages, the APT (Advanced Packaging Tool) with RPM (Redhat Package Manager) support will be very useful. Notice that from now on HEPonX will be provided as add-on packages to MacOS X Workshop (the first APT/RPM-based distribution on MacOS X). To install it on your platform, first read this.

These packages have not yet fully tested and may not work on your platform. Install them thus at your own risk. For more information, follow the links below.

keisuke.fujii@kek.jp Apr. 26, 2016