MachTen Tips

Power MachTen is a unix-like system on a power Macintosh running MacOS (see Tenon Intersystems for detail). Here are some tips on how to install and set it up.

Installation Note

Here are some tips for installing and setting up MachTen on a power Macintosh. Notice that CU1 on the ported application CD has a serious bug which causes a hard crash on powerbook 5k series. Get the latest one from the Tenon FTP site before installing CU1 into your powerbook!

Power MachTen Ported Applications

Notice that most binaries using athena widgets assume preinstallation of Xaw3d in the "Tenon X11R6 Libraries" folder in the "System Extensions" folder. You must thus first install Xaw3d into your system (see the README file in the xaw3d folder).
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