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The banks ``Production:EMC;Cluster is compressed in to two elements; Element # 1 is the word count information and element #2 is cluster information.

 		Element# 		: 		 1
		Contents 		: 		 Word count of each cluster.
		Format 		: 		  I*2

 				 HBUF(í)=Number of words of i-th cluster. 

 		Element# 		: 		 2
		Contents 		: 		 Compressed cluster information.
		Format 		: 		  I*2, R*4 mixed.

Each cluster informations are stored in a single element after data compressions as follows;
2cm IBUF(1)(1:NW1), IBUF(2)(1:NW2), ... IBUF(n)(1:NWn)
where index of IBUF corresponds to the cluster number, n is a total number of cluster which is equal to the number of element of the bank "Production:EMC;Cluster", and NWi is the number of words for i-th cluster. NWi may be different cluster by cluster and it is stored in the element # 1 of this bank. Format of IBUF(i) is shown below. Note that number of words for i-th cluster is 9 when only one generator track contributes to the cluster.

 				 RBUF(1-3)=RBUF(1-3):Ex, Ey, Ez (GeV).
				 (4)=RBUF(4):Energy (GeV)
				 (5-7)=RBUF(5-7):X, Y, Z (cm)
				 HBUF(17)=Number of contributed generator track.
				 (18)=First generator particle number

Miyamoto Akiya