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 		Element# 		: 		 Hit cell number.
		TBPUT by 		:		 Smearing routine.(SMRHDC)
		Contents 		: 		 Smeared hadron calorimeter counter hit information.
		Format 		: 		 R*4 & I*4 variable length (3+number of contributed generator track).

 				 RBUF(1)=Énergy (MeV).
				 (2)=Cell ID (ICELL)
				 (3)=Number of contributed Generator track.
				 IBUF(4)=Generator particle number.

The meaning of ICELL is as follows.

where NTHTEM, NPHIEM, and NRADEM are the numbers of segments in $\theta$, $\phi$, and radial directions, respectively, which can be controlled by FT05 input stream.

Miyamoto Akiya