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 		Element# 		: 		 Equal to the track number.
		TBPUT by 		:		 Hadronizer such as LUHADR.
		Contents 		: 		 Particles output by hadronizer, including stable and
						 unstable particles depending on the case.
		Format 		: 		 R*4, 20 words fixed.

 				 RBUF(1)=Particle serial number
				 (2)=Particle ID (PDG Format).
				 (3-4)=Particle mass (GeV) and charge.
				 (5-8)=Í<>px, py, pz, and E (GeV)
				 (9-11)=Vertex coordinate, x, y, z (cm).
				 (12)=Number  of daughter particle (=0 if stable. )
				 (13)=Pointer to the daughter
				 (14)=Pointer to the mother.  If LT 0, equal to the element
				 		  number of SPRING:Parton_List corresponding to this particle.
				 (15)=trigger timing(nsec).
				 (16)=particle life time (c$\times$nsec, =0. or negative for stable.)
				 (17)=decay length (cm, =0. for stable.) 

Miyamoto Akiya