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This bank is TBCRTEed by subroutine SPRNIN (Run initialization of SPRING).

 		Element# 		: 		 1
		TBPUT by 		: 		 Subroutine SPRNIN.
		Contents 		: 		 Job information of SPRING.
		Format 		: 		 I*4 & Character  7 words fixed length

 				 IBUF(1-2)=Date(yymmnn) and time(msec from 0:00) whenSPRING was executed. .
				 (3-6)=16 characters, ``SPRING''.
				 (7)=Version# *100 + Level# 

 		Element# 		: 		 2
		TBPUT by 		:		 Subroutine SPINIT (Generator module should store this data.).
		Contents 		: 		 Beam parameters.
		Format 		: 		 R*4 12 words fixed length

 				 RBUF(1)=Beam energy (GeV)
				 (2)=11./0. (Beamstrahlung in on/off ).
				 (3)=version # of beam strahlung.
				 (4-8)=Í<>n, $\sigma_x$, $\sigma_y$, $\sigma_z$, and WIDTH parameters for beamstrahlung generation. 

 		Element# 		: 		 3
		TBPUT by 		:		 Subroutine SPINIT (Optional. Generator module should store this).
		Contents 		: 		 Store SPRING parameters specific to each processes.
		Format 		: 		 R*4 

Miyamoto Akiya