JSF and ROOT on ccjlc

  1. ROOT is stored at ccjlc1:/jlc/local/root.  Current version is v2.00/12

  2. Official version v2.00/12 has a bug when appending keys to a directory.  The version in ccjlc has applied patches to this problem.   Officially, this bug was fixed in v2.00/13, but v2.00/13 has another bug related to the move text written by text editor.  Theirfore, v2.00/13 is not installed on ccjlc.  Recently, ROOT team released v2.20/03 which uses  true type font. I hope this willl be the next version installed on ccjlc, if addaption of true type font routine is not a problem.
  1. Known problems of JSF on ccjlc
    1. When a flag to test memory leak is on, ROOT reports a lot of error messages.  So ROOT libraries and applications are compiled with this flag off.
    2. If only one branch is defined in the tree, JSF crashes at FillTree method.  In Tree::FillTree(), branch address is rearranged only when single branch is exist in the tree and this part does not work on CCJLC.  Therefore, when coding JSF application, two or more branches must be defined to run without error.

    Comments and suggestion are highly welcome.

akiya.miyamoto@kek.jp,  8-December-1998