JLC system in KEK computing center

The operation of new KEK CC system started in 19-January-2001. This page summarize information for JLC system. If you have any comments or question, please contact to

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    To get account

    and submit to the subgroup manager.
    Please also see Examples of application form.
    If your printer does not support Japanese font, please use scanned image of application form in PDF format.
    Further information about account application will be found at

    Sub-group and manager

    The JLC workgroup manager of JLC system is

    The primary group of all accounts in JLC system is jlc_jlc. So please contact at to get account at JLC system.

    Following sub-groups are prepared in JLC system. Some users belong to some sub-groups depending on their activity in JLC group. For each sub-group, group disks and hpss group area are prepared.

    Group name Manager HPSS path # of tapes Group disk Size(Gb)
    jlc_jlc Akiya Miyamoto /:/hpss/jlc/jlc 12
    jlc_cdc Yoshimasa Kurihara /:/hpss/jlc/cdc 2 /:/g/jlc/cdc 8
    jlc_ffir Toshiaki Tauchi /:/hpss/jlc/ffir 2 /:/g/jlc/ffir 8
    jlc_num Junpei Fujimoto /:/hpss/jlc/num 1 /:/g/jlc/num 16
    jlc_pol Tsunehiko Omori /:/hpss/jlc/pol 1 /:/g/jlc/pol 8
    jlc_cal Yoshiaki Fujii /:/hpss/jlc/cal 7 /:/g/jlc/cal 8
    jlc_vtx Yasuhiro Sugimoto /:/hpss/jlc/vtx 15 /:/g/jlc/vtx 8
    jlc_soft Akiya Miyamoto /:/hpss/jlc/soft 1 /:/g/jlc/soft 8

    Batch queues for JLC WorkGroup

    Queue Name Job Priority Max. Jobs/Host Max. Jobs/User Max. CPU time(hh:mm) Max. memory(MB) Nice value Preemption
    e3064 1013120 preemptive to s,m,l,h
    s20410 1:0013120 preemptive to m,l,h
    m15410 8:0026220 preemptive to l,h
    l1024 24:0052425 preemptive to h
    h524 168:0052430

    Mailing list

            Mailing list for users is  Archives of the mailing list will be prepared.  Addresses in the mailing list is available here ( accessible only from JLC network ).  If your name is not in the list, please mail to Akiya Miyamoto.