How to Come to KEK, and Time Table of Buses

by Y.Fujii, Data as of Oct.1999

From Tokyo station to KEK

The best way to come to KEK is to catch direct busses from Tokyo station to Mt.Tsukuba, named 'New Tsukuba-Ne Go' (ニューつくばね号 in Japanese). These busses stop at the entrance of KEK on the way to Mt.Tsukuba. These depart Tokyo station about every two hours as shown below. The fee is a bit less than 2000yen.
The bus station is at the 'YAESU-MINAMI-GUCHI' (八重洲南口 in Japanese) of Tokyo station, which means south-end of the east-side of Tokyo station. The west-side is the Palace side named 'MARUNOUCHI' (丸の内 in Japanese). Once you go out to the west side by mistake, it is not so easy to find out how to go to the east side without re-entering the platform area.
Very important notice is that another bus named 'Tsukuba-Go' (つくば号 in Japanese) also departs from the same point. This 'Tsukuba-Go' does not come to KEK, but goes to the central part of the Tsukuba city, called 'Tsukuba Center', or つくばセンター in Japanese. This 'Tsukuba-Go' departs every 10-15 minutes. Most of the people waiting at the bus point are catching this 'Tsukuba-Go'. Please ask people there and make sure that you are on the line for the 'New Tsukuba-Ne Go'.
Even if you have accidentally caught this wrong 'Tsukuba-Go' bus, you can come to KEK by catching busses from Tsukuba-center to North Industrial Area, 北部工業団地 in Japanese, which reads 'Hokubu Kougyou Danchi'. The time table of these busses are also shown below.

GOOD LUCK, and see you at KEK.

departure from Tokyo station arrival at KEK
7:20 8:00
9:10 10:36
11:10 12:36
12:50 14:16
14:50 16:16
16:40 18:06
18:40 20:06
20:20 21:46

Local busses from Tsukuba Center to KEK
departure from T.C. arrival at KEK
7:19 7:38
8:12 8:32
8:30 8:46
8:47 9:07
10:15 10:31
10:32 10:51
12:00 12:16
12:32 12:51
13:20 13:36
14:12 14:30
14:20 14:36
15:45 16:02
16:05 16:21
16:47 17:04
17:20 17:36
18:10 18:26
18:40 18:57

From Narita Airport to Tsukuba Center

There are busses from Narita airport to Tsuchiura station, called 'NATTS', and they stop at Tsukuba-Center on the way. It is the best to catch this bus, and make a transfer at Tsukuba-Center to busses to KEK.
The busses depart Narita Airport terminal 2 at the bus stop No.12, then stop at the terminal 1 at the bus stop No.6, then comes to Tsukuba Center. You can buy tickets at a counter desk of Keisei (京成 in Japanese). It locates at the arrival floor (1st floor) of each terminal. The fee is 2540yen.

departure from Narita arrival at T.C. Connection at T.C. to KEK
7:20 9:00 10:15
9:05 10:45 12:00
10:35 12:15 12:32 ;too tight
12:50 14:30 15:45
14:35 16:15 16:47
16:15 17:55 18:10 ;too tight
17:20 19:00 NONE
18:40 20:20 NONE
20:20 21:40 NONE

from Haneda Airport to Tsukuba Center

Some international flights arrive at Haneda Airport. There are also busses from Haneda airport to Tsukuba-Center. These are NOT called 'HATTS', by the way. Please catch this bus, and make a transfer at Tsukuba-Center to busses to KEK.
The busses depart Haneda Airport at the bus stop No.12, which locates at the arrival floor (1st floor) level. You can buy tickets at a counter desk of Keihin-Kyuko (京浜急行 in Japanese). The fee is 1800yen.

departure from Haneda arrival at T.C. Connection at T.C. to KEK
8:40 10:30 10:32 ;too dangerous
9:30 11:20 12:00
10:35 12:25 12:32 ;too tight
11:35 13:25 14:12
13:00 14:50 15:45
14:20 16:10 16:47
15:20 17:10 17:20 ;too tight
16:30 18:20 18:40 ;too tight
17:55 19:45 NONE
19:20 20:50 NONE
20:20 21:40 NONE
21:20 22:40 NONE

These time tables may be wrong. The author will not take any responsibility even if you suffer any troubles as a result of following these time tables.
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