4th Linear Collider Project Committee Agenda

   1. Date-time:   5 November 2004 (Friday)
                              1:30pm ~
   2. Place:   High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
                  Seminar Hall at 4th Building.


(1) Director report (Totsuka)
(2) FALC (Founding Agency for LC) report (Yamauchi)
(3) Preparation status of the ILC workshop (Takasaki, Kuriki)
(4) ILC-Aisa Working group reports;  
 20minutes each,  talks shall be presented by video projector.
      WG1 : Kubo
      WG2 : Hayano
      WG3 : Kuriki
      WG4 : Sanuki (Univ. of Tokyo)
      WG5 : Saitou
(5) Others