38th Linear Collider Project Committee Agenda

1. Date-time: 21 March 2017 (Tuesday) 13:30 ~ 15:30
2. Place: High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, 4th Build. 1F Seminar Hall


I. Agenda, reports and discussion
  1. KEK DG report, M.Yamauchi (KEK-DG)
  2. High Energy committee, H.Aihara
  3. Domestic and international situations, S. Yamashita, Y.Okada
  4. FALC/LCB/ICFA report, S.Komamiya
  5. MEXT working group of the organization and management, H.Yamamoto
  6. ILC preparation office, Y.Okada
  7. LC R&D liaison meeting, S.Michizono
  8. Physics and detector, K.Fujii
  9. Discussion, All