27th Linear Collider Project Committee Agenda

1. Date-time: 16 September 2014 (Friday) 13:00 ~ 17:00
2. Place: High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, 3rd Build. 1F Seminar Hall


I. Reports
  1. Status of the Linear Collider Project, A.Suzuki(KEK-DG)
  2. Report from LC strategy committee, S.Yamashita(remote)
  3. Report from LCB , S.Komamiya(remote)
  4. Report from MEXT physics WG, S.Komamiya(remote)
  5. Report from MEXT TDR review WG, A.Yamamoto
  6. Report from KEK LC project office, A.Yamamoto
II. Discussion
  1. BDS meeting at Ichinoseki, K.Yokoya
  2. CFS-MDI meeting at Ichinoseki, M.Miyahara(CFS), T.Tauchi(MDI)