27th Linear Collider Project Committee Agenda

   1. Date-time:   18 March 2004 (Thursday)
                              1:30pm ~
   2. Place:   High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
                      Large Meeting Room at Administration Building.


1. Reports
(1)  ITRP (Kamiya)
(2) Accelerator special committee (Kamiya)
(3) Physics and Detector  special committees (Miyamoto)
(4) Next ACFA/ALCSC meeting at Keisyu (Korea), 2004/3/22 (Kurokawa)
(5) Other

2. Discussions
(1) LC project committee  and LC project Office after this April
(2) GDO
    a)  Bid of GDO Central Team site at KEK
    b) Central Team Director candidates from Asian region
    c) Members of Evaluation Panel for the Central Team Site from Asian region
    d) Bid of Regional Team at KEK
    e) Regional Team Director candidates
(3) Other

At the beginning of this meeting, there is a talk on "Indian View towards GLC" by  Dr. Atul Gurtu, TIFR, India.