24th Linear Collider Project Committee Agenda

   1. Date-time:   14 November 2003 (Friday)
                              1:30pm ~
   2. Place:   High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
                      Seminar Hall at 4th Building


1. Reports
       (1) ACFA  (Kurokawa, Komamiya)
       (2) GDO task force (Totsuka)
       (3) Japan-US cooperation on accelerator R&D (Kamiya, Enomoto)
       (4) Subcommittee of the GDO task force for comparison between warm and cold R&Ds (Yokoya, Urakawa)
       (5) Comparison special committee for TESLA evaluation  (Yoshioka)
       (6) Accelerator special committee (Kamiya)
       (7) Physics and Detector  special committees (Okada, Tauchi)
       (8) Others

2. Discussions
       (1) Toward the next ILCSC
       (2) Others