20th Linear Collider Project Committee Agenda

   1. Date-time:   20 May 2003 ( Wednesday)
                              1:30pm ~
   2. Place:   High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
                      Seminar Hall at 4th Building


1. Reports
(1) International conditions for LC
(2) ACFA Symposium in India
(4) Circumstance at MEXT
(5) Public relations (local governments)
(6) Status of Roadmap report publication
(7) SLAC inspection
(8) Progress of GLCTA at ATF
(9) Progress of accelerator R&D
(10) Others

2. Discussions
(1) Future framework of LC project and establishment of special committees
(2) LC project in the medium range plan at an independent administrative entity
(3) Response to ILCSTC and ACFA LCSTC
(4) Future ACFA LC symposium schedule
(5) Director general's visit to SLAC
(6) Future plan of site study
(7) Others