Frontiers of Elementary Particle Physics To Be Opened Up by JLC

Standard-Model Picture of the World

Nature consists of small number of matter particles and force carrying particles: Addition of yet another particle called the Higgs particle (H) results in the standard model. The Higgs particle has been introduced for mass generation but not yet observed.

Energy Scale to be Explored by JLC

Even if we find the Higgs particle and confirm the standard model, there still remain 17 orders of magnitude to reach the energy of the creation of the universe. How significant then is JLC's step of one order of magnitude? Can we get insight into a deeper and more fundamental theory?

Recent precision experiments at TRISTAN, LEP, and SLC suggest supersymmetric grand unification, which can be tested unambiguously at JLC.

The supersymmetric grand unified theory (SUSY GUT) is believed to be valid up to the GUT scale of ~10^17GeV.

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