Minutes of SUSY Parameter Convention Meeting

Date and Place
March 11, 1995 at KEK

K.Fujii, T.Goto, K.Hikasa, M.Jimbo, M.Nojiri Y.Okada, Y.Yamada, M.Yamaguchi

*) A mailing list for the SUSY subgroup is now available:
   to which you can send an e-mail, if you want to distribute
   it to all the subgroup members.
   Y.Yamada and T.Goto are to be added to the list.

*) Jimbo showed a list of SUSY as well as ordinary particles registered
   in the Feynman graph drawer which goes with GRACE.
   Although the list contains all the MSSM particles as well as ghosts,
   there is some arbitrariness. For instance, whether you call one a
   particle or an antiparticle is a matter of taste.
   Those who have particular opinions on such a point are recommended
   to ask for a copy of the list from Jimbo and to examine it.
*) The SUSY parameter convention should be standardized for
   SUSY event generators to be created by automatic amplitude generators
   such as GRACE.
   Needless to say that the convention should be based on some document
   which fully describes the SUSY Lagrangian so that the corresponding
   Feynmen rules can be readily read off.
   We agreed to the use of Hikasa's JLC SUSY Manual for this purpose.
   This, however, requires its publication as a KEK report, which in turn
   necessitates a careful checkout of the whole content by several people.

   It was pointed out in the meeting that the difference from Gunion-Haber
   is the sign of the A-term.
   Okada proposed to replace W by -W in Eqs.(D.1) and (D.2) in Appendix D
   of Hikasa's manual, which changes signs of A, B, C in Eq.(A.4c).
   There are some other improvements necessary before the publication.
   First of all, there must be an additional appendix devoted to Higgs
   radiative corrections to masses and couplings.
   This part will be taken care of by Okada and Nojiri.
   New sections should be added to the body of the text for descriptions
   of gauge fixing, ghosts, and charge conjugation convention.
   These new sections will be added by Hikasa.
   The Lagrangian checkout will be shared by Goto, Yamaguchi, Yamada,
   Nojiri, and Okada as follows:
        Section     Responsible     Support
        6.1         Goto            Hikasa
        6.2,6.3     Yamaguchi       Nojiri
        6.4         Yamada          Okada
   and is to be finished by the end of April, 1995.