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  Clear/disable the beam, laser, etc. The first operand is a positional keyword.

[Clear beam] CLEAR BEAM[,]tex2html_wrap_inline7850 [TESTPARTICLE,] [INCP,] [RIGHTtex2html_wrap_inline7312LEFT,] [KIND=ktex2html_wrap_inline7312(tex2html_wrap_inline8556,tex2html_wrap_inline8558),] ;

Clear test particles.
Clear particles created by incoherent processes (defined by PPINT). If none of TESTPARTICLE and INCP is specified, normal particles are eliminated. Therefore, if you want to eliminate all, you need CLEAR command twice:
Clear right or left-going particles only. (Default=both).
Clear photon (k=1) or electron (2) or positron (3) only.

[Turn off lasers]CLEAR LASER[,]tex2html_wrap_inline7850 ;  

[Turn off LASERQED] CLEAR LASERQED[,]tex2html_wrap_inline7850 [COMPTON,] [BREITWHEELER,] ;  

Clear parameters for the laser QED. If either one of COMPTON or BREITWHEELER is specified, the other one is not turned off.

[Clear luminosity] CLEAR LUMINOSITY[,]tex2html_wrap_inline7850 ;  

Clear luminosity integrals as well as the definitions of luminosities. Note that the contents of luminosity integrals are cleared whenever the PUSH command starts. Thus, if you do another PUSH without CLEAR LUMINOSITY, the luminosity command will be still active and the integration starts from scratch..

[Turn off beam-beam field] CLEAR BBFIELD[,]tex2html_wrap_inline7850 ;  

[Turn off the external field] CLEAR EXTERNALFIELD[,]tex2html_wrap_inline7850 ;  

[Turn off CFQED] CLEAR CFQED[,]tex2html_wrap_inline7850 BEAMSTRAHLUNG, COHERENTPAIR, ;     If none of BEAMSTRAHLUNG and COHERENTPAIR is specified, both is turned off.

[Turn off PPINT] CLEAR PPINT[,]tex2html_wrap_inline7850 ;   Turn of particle-particle interaction defined by PPINT command. Note that this does not mean to eliminate particles already created.

Toshiaki Tauchi
Thu Dec 3 17:27:26 JST 1998