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  Define the transverse mesh size , number of bins, etc, for luminosity calculation. One luminosity command is needed for each combination of particles tex2html_wrap_inline7172, etex2html_wrap_inline7180, etex2html_wrap_inline7182, right-going and left-going. Thus, there can be at most 9 LUMINOSITY commands. LUMINOSITY KIND=(tex2html_wrap_inline8164,tex2html_wrap_inline8166), [FREP=tex2html_wrap_inline8170,] [W=(tex2html_wrap_inline8174,tex2html_wrap_inline8176[,tex2html_wrap_inline8178]),] [E1=(tex2html_wrap_inline8182,tex2html_wrap_inline8184[,tex2html_wrap_inline8186]), E2=(tex2html_wrap_inline8190,tex2html_wrap_inline8192[,tex2html_wrap_inline8194]),] WX=(tex2html_wrap_inline8198[,tex2html_wrap_inline8200]), WY=(tex2html_wrap_inline8204[,tex2html_wrap_inline8206]), [HELICITY,] ;
Particle species of right and left-going beams.
Repetition frequency (Hz). Used for the luminosity scale only. Default=1Hz.
Parameters for differential luminosity   with respect to the center-of-mass energy W. (tex2html_wrap_inline8174,tex2html_wrap_inline8176) is the range in eV and tex2html_wrap_inline8178 is the number of bins. If (tex2html_wrap_inline8174,tex2html_wrap_inline8176) is not given, the center-of-mass spectrum is not calculated. Default for tex2html_wrap_inline8178 is 50.
2-D differential luminosity tex2html_wrap_inline7210. (tex2html_wrap_inline8250, tex2html_wrap_inline8252) is the range in eV and tex2html_wrap_inline8254 is the number of bins. (j=1 for right-going beam and j=2 for left-going beam.) Both or none of E1 and E2 have to be specified. If none is specified, 2-D luminosity is not calculated. Default for tex2html_wrap_inline8254 is 50.
Full horizontal/vertical width of the mesh region (m). The origin is adjusted automatically from time to time.
Maximum width of the mesh region (m). If not given, tex2html_wrap_inline8270 is used throughout. If given, an increased size upto tex2html_wrap_inline8272 is used when a significant particle fraction gets out of the mesh region defined by tex2html_wrap_inline8274. The number of mesh points is determined automatically.
Calculate luminosity for every combination of helicity, (++), (-+), (+-), (-).  

All the LUMINOSITY commands must have the same value of tex2html_wrap_inline8198,tex2html_wrap_inline8204,tex2html_wrap_inline8200,tex2html_wrap_inline8206, and tex2html_wrap_inline8170. (Specify them at the first LUMINOSITY command.)

Note that the longitudinal mesh size, which is common to beam-beam field and luminosity calculations, has to be defined by the parameter Smesh  by the SET command.

The luminosity is actually computed by the PUSH-ENDPUSH loop. The calculated luminosity can be referred to by the following functions.   (If during the loop, the accumulated luminosity upto that moment is returned.)

Luminosity of KIND=(tex2html_wrap_inline8164,tex2html_wrap_inline8166) in units of cmtex2html_wrap_inline8302sectex2html_wrap_inline8304.
Helicity luminosity : helicity combination (++) (h=1), (-+) (h=2), (+-) (h=3), (-) (h=4). h=0 will give the total luminosity Lum(tex2html_wrap_inline8164,tex2html_wrap_inline8166). (cmtex2html_wrap_inline8302sectex2html_wrap_inline8304)
Differential luminosity in the n-th bin.   (cmtex2html_wrap_inline8302sectex2html_wrap_inline8304/bin)
Bin center (eV) of the n-th bin. If n=0, the number of bins is returned. (Error if n<0 or n is larger than the number of bins.)
Differential helicity luminosity. (cmtex2html_wrap_inline8302sectex2html_wrap_inline8304/bin)
2-D differential luminosity tex2html_wrap_inline7210 for the bin (tex2html_wrap_inline8380,tex2html_wrap_inline8382).
Bin center (eV) of the n-th bin of tex2html_wrap_inline8404 (l=1) or tex2html_wrap_inline8408 (l=2). If n=0, the number of bins is returned. (Error if n<0 or n is larger than the number of bins.)
2-D differential helicity luminosity

These functions can be included in expressions. Thus, you can write the computed luminosity on a file. In particular, the only way to retrieve the 2-D luminosity tex2html_wrap_inline7210 is to use the above functions because PLOT LUMINOSITY command cannot plot it (KEK TopDrawer cannot draw 3-D plot). So, for example, to write etex2html_wrap_inline7182etex2html_wrap_inline7180 luminosity,
S ET m1=LumEEbin(2,3,1,0), m2=LumEEbin(2,3,2,0);
W RITE ((LumEE(2,3,n1,n2),n1=1,m1),n2=1,m2),
F ORMAT=(tex2html_wrap_inline7230);

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Toshiaki Tauchi
Thu Dec 3 17:27:26 JST 1998