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  Defines a laser. There can be upto 5 lasers but this can easily be increased. One LASER command defines one laser. Note that lasers, if there are more than one, act incoherently. Their interference effects cannot be included in the present version.

The longitudinal (time) pulse shape can be Gaussian or trapezoidal but the transverse is Gaussian only. LASER [RIGHTtex2html_wrap_inline7312LEFT,] WAVELENGTH=tex2html_wrap_inline7720, POWERDENSITY=tex2html_wrap_inline7724, [TXYS=(t,x,y,s),] E3=(tex2html_wrap_inline7738,tex2html_wrap_inline7740,tex2html_wrap_inline7742), E1=(tex2html_wrap_inline7746,tex2html_wrap_inline7748,tex2html_wrap_inline7750), RAYLEIGH=(tex2html_wrap_inline7754,tex2html_wrap_inline7756), [GCUT=tex2html_wrap_inline7760,] SIGT=tex2html_wrap_inline7764tex2html_wrap_inline7312TTOT=tex2html_wrap_inline7768, [GCUTT=tex2html_wrap_inline7772,] [EDGE=tex2html_wrap_inline7776,] [STOKES=(tex2html_wrap_inline7242,tex2html_wrap_inline7244,tex2html_wrap_inline7246),] ;

Right-going or left-going. If RIGHT(LEFT) is specified, the laser acts only onto the left(right)-going particles (to save computing time). If omitted, acts on both.
Laser wavelength (m).
Peak power density (Watt/mtex2html_wrap_inline7792).
Laser focal point and the time when the laser pulse comes there.
Unit vector tex2html_wrap_inline7626 along the direction of laser propagation.
Unit vector tex2html_wrap_inline7628 perpendicular to tex2html_wrap_inline7626. tex2html_wrap_inline7624 with tex2html_wrap_inline7632 forms a right-handed orthonormal frame. tex2html_wrap_inline7626 and tex2html_wrap_inline7628 need not be normalized exactly and need not be perpendicular to each other exactly.
Rayleigh length  in tex2html_wrap_inline7824 direction. (meter)
Cut off of transverse tail tail in units of sigmas. Default=2.5.
R.m.s. pulse length (times velocity of light) in power, not in field amplitude, assuming Gaussian structure. (meter)
Cut off of longitudinal tail in units of sigmas for Gaussian time structure. Default=2.5.
Total pulse length for trapezoidal longitudinal structure (meter). Either one of SIGT or TTOT must be specified.
Longitudinal edge length (meter) for trapezoidal time structure. The flat-top length is then tex2html_wrap_inline7836. Default=0 (i.e., rectangular shape).
Stokes parameter   defined in the tex2html_wrap_inline7624 frame. Default=(0,0,0).

See Sec.5.7.1 for more detail.

Toshiaki Tauchi
Thu Dec 3 17:27:26 JST 1998