Dear CAIN colleagues
     Last week Tohru reported a result of comparison between
CAIN1.1 and CAIN2.0 on the NLC gamma-gamma. He says
  (1)  The agreement on the e-gamma conversion is
  (2)  Gamma-gamma differential luminosity dL(gg)/dW
       agrees well.
  (3)  CAIN2.0 gives the e-e luminosity smaller by factor
       of two than CAIN1.1, although the shape of dL(ee)/dW
       looks the same.
I have been thinking of the disagreement (3) and found a bug
in "source/physics/bb/bbmain/bbkick.f".
The line 89
is wrong. EP1(I) on the right-hand-side must be the initial
value of EP. This will cause an over estimation of the
beam-beam effect, although the field evaluation is correct
(so that the beamstrahlung spectrum is essentially correct).
    I changed the file and mailed to you. Please replace
bbkick.f.   Sorry for many bugs.
    Thank you, Tohru.