Subject: bug in cain20

From:	KEKVAX::YOKOYA       14-MAY-1996 14:24:00.56
Subj:	Bugs in CAIN2.0

   Dear CAIN Colleagues

     Have you succeeded in installing CAIN2.0?
  I found some bugs.  Dr.Ohgaki, working on a DEC station,
  reported several bugs and inappropriate statements on his 
  compiler. They are listed below and will be taken into 
  account in the next version. But, for the time being,
  please change the source files you have.

  (1)  "CHARACTER(*)" in the files control/eval/eavl1.f,
       control/deciph/findch.f, control/deciph/fndch2.f, 
       and control/basic/plhist.f 
       should read  "CHARACTER*(*)"
  (2)  control/main/rdextf.f
            WRITE(TEXT(NC+1:NC+3)) C(I)
       ---> WRITE(TEXT(NC+1:NC+3),210) C(I)
  (3)  control/deciph/evufn.f
            WRITE(ERRMAG,935) ---> WRITE(ERRMSG,935)
            WRITE(ERRMAG,945) ---> WRITE(ERRMSG,945)
  (4) physics/lum/lumcal0.f
            IF(Q1(K0).EQ.0.OR.Q1(K0).EQ.0) THEN
            IF(Q1(K0).EQ.0.OR.Q2(K0).EQ.0) THEN
  (5) physics/bb/bbfpack/bbqmom.f
            Near the end of file,
              IF(N.NE.0) B1=-DFLOAT(N1*(N1-1))/DFLOAT((I+1)*(N-I))*B*B1
  (6)  topdraw/fvline.f
            MOD(FV1,180.0)   -->  MOD(FV1,180.0D0)
            MAX(0.0,MIN(ANX,X(I))  --> MAX(0.0D0,MIN(ANX,X(I))
  (7)  physics/extfld/drfext.f
            "I0=0" in line 92 must be moved just after line 52 "DT1=DTS"
          Also, "I0=3" in line 95 must be moved just after 
          line 54 "IF(V(3).EQ.0) GOTO 910"
  (8)  In all the subroutines, declarations like
           REAL*8 X(N)
           INTEGER  K(N),N
       must be written as
           INTEGER  N,K(N)
           REAL*8 X(N)
       such that N is declared before refered to.

   Please tell me bugs, non-standard statements, any incovenience for
   your system.  They will be reflected in the next version.