Chapter 14 of JLC Design Study

  • Interaction Region and Detector Interface, May 1997, (26 pages, ps.gz 2.9MB) click here for HTML files. PDF files of JLC Design Study can be read here.

    Experiment at Linear Collider

  • T.Tauchi, Physics Plan at JLC(12 pages, pdf 722kB and ps.gz 8.87MB), invited talk presented at Hadron Structure '98, 7-13 September 1998, Stara Lesna, Slovakia. Also, the transparencies can be seen from here , (47 pages, pdf 3MB).
  • T.Tauchi, Experimentation at e+e- Linear Collider ,(25 pages, ps.gz 313kB), click here for HTML files , talk presented at Workshop on Physics and Experiments at Linear Colliders, Morioka-Appi, Iwate, Japan, September 8-12,1995.


  • K.Oide, Scaling of Luminosity on RF Frequency (8 pages, PS 275kB) , talk given at the 2nd SLAC/KEK X-band Linear Collider Design Mini-workshop, KEK, November 6-10, 1995.

    Beam-beam interaction

  • V.N.Baier and K.Yokoya, Interaction of high energy electrons and photons with intense electromagnetic wave: linear collider applications (28 pages, PS 4.18MB), submitted to Particle Accerelators.
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    Beam profile monitor

  • T.Tauchi and K.Yokoya, Nanometer beam-size measurement during collisions at linear colliders (18 pages, PS 1.38MB), click here for HTLM files, Physical Review E51(1995)6119-6126 (KEK-preprint 94-122).

    QED backgrounds: e+e- pairs, synchrotron radiations and muons

  • T.Tauchi, K.Yokoya and P.Chen, Pair creation from beam-beam interaction in linear colliders (11 pages, PS 490KB), Particle Accerelators, 1993, Vol.41, pp29-39.
  • JLC group, Background and Masking System (11 pages, PS 346KB), JLC-I, KEK report 92-16, p105.
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    QCD backgrounds: Minijets

  • A.Miyamoto and H.Hayashii, A Monte Carlo program to generate minijet events in the two-photon process (21 pages, PS 331KB), submitted to Comp. Phys. Comm., KEK-preprint 94-204.
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