Minutes of GLC meeting on 14-May-2004

GLC the Friday meeting was held in a room 425 of 3rd building at KEK for 10:30-12:00.

1. "New way of traveling allowance and execution of  expenses" Slide PPT
 A. Miyamoto (KEK)

2. "Reports and discussions on LCWS2004" Slide PDF
 A. Miyamoto (KEK)

We discussed mainly on two topics:
(1) How to respond to the ITRP request on "warm/cold isses on detector".
We need to move quickly to respond ITRP request in time.
(2) "How do we propose to organize the Global LC Experimental Programme?".
The WWS will prepare the answer to the question by the end of July to
give it to ILCSC in August. We discussed about the proposed schedule and what has to be prepared by what milsestones. But further discussion isnecessary.