Minutes of GLC meeting on 2-April-2004

GLC the Friday meeting was held in a room 425 of 3rd building at KEK for

1. "Highlights of Moriond Conference" Slide (PDF) K. Fujii (KEK)

As highlights of the conference,he reported several new scenarios of
Electroweak Symmetry Breaking such as Symmetry Breaking by boundary
conditions, on the Infrared brane and Gauge-Scalar unification.

Transparecies of the conference is linked below.

2. "Questions from ITRP" Microsoft Word File

Several questions on LC physics have been asked by ITRP.
Therefore issues are discussed them at the meeting.

3. "On detector related warm/cold issue"
Y. Sugimoto (KEK)

This report was postponed next meeting.

Others. The next meeting will be on April. 9, 2004