Minutes of Weekly JLC Physics Group Meeting

Place: 3F Bldg 3, KEK
Time:  10:30, 98/12/11

[0] Agenda
   0.1) Miscellaneous Notifications
   0.2) CAL R&D Status
[1] Miscellaneous Notifications

[1-1] Upgrading of JLC Related Workstations (A.Miyamoto)

   Dec.14-15 : jlcux* down (OS upgrade to HP-UX 10.20)
   Dec 17    : ccjlc* down
   Dec 15-16 : Tape robots down

[1-2] 1999 Open House (T.Matsui)

   J.Fujimoto will be responsible for the JLC physics group

[1-3] APPI 99 (Y.Fujii)

   APPI 99 will be held on March 1-4. See
   for details.

[2] CAL R&D Status (T.Ota)

   T.Ota from Tsukuba University reported the status of his
   beam test data analysis with emphasis put on the position
   dependence. He demonstrated the effect of the presence of
   fibers on the photon yields.