Weekly JLC Physics Group Meeting

Place: 3F Bldg 3, KEK
Time:  10:30, 98/06/12

[0] Agenda
   0.1) General Notifications
   0.2) For ACFA Joint LC Working Group
[1] General Notifications

[1-1] New Faces

   Y.Shirasaki from Tohoku University
   K.Nakamura from Saga University
   T.Aso from Toyama National College of Maritime Technology
   They are participating in the vertex detector beam test.
[1-3} JLC Pamphlet (T.Tauchi)

   Good pictures of detector R&D's are wanted!

[2] For the ACFA Joint Linear Collider Working Group (K.Fujii)

   In order to facilitate future activities in the framework
   of the ACFA Joint LC WG, we agreed that reorganization and
   proper documentation of currently available software tools
   would be essential. These software resources should be open
   to the public via web pages.
   Our offline analysis page
   needs major overhaul.

   Please reorganize and document personal software resources
   used in the past JLC studies, so that they can be merged 
   into the offline page. 

   As for the event generators prepared by Minami-Tateya Group,
   take a look at