Weekly JLC Physics Group Meeting

Place: 3F Bldg 3, KEK
Time:  10:30, 98/05/22

[0] Agenda
   0.1) General Notifications
   0.2) CDC R&D Status (Part I)
[1] General Notifications

[1-1] ACFA News Update (T.Matsui)

   The nomination of the ACFA working group contact persons/organizers
   is proceeding smoothly. We got a new name from Vietnam:
   	Prof. Dao Vong Duc	(Institute of Physics, Hanoi)

[1-2] The IR Subgroup Under ISG (T.Tauchi)

   The next ISG meeting will be held at KEK on July 13-16. 
   S.Iwata, in the name of the head of the JLC promoting office, 
   nominated T.Tauchi as a convener for the IR subgroup.

[1-3] User Registration As A JLC Member (T.Matsui)

   As of April 1, 1998 (FY1988), formal registrations as with
   usual experimental groups became mandatory for KEK users
   visiting KEK as JLC members. We are sorry for inconvenience,
   if any, created by the lack of precaution for this fact.
[2] CDC R&D Status Part I (Norik)

[2-1] Publication Plan 

   This year will be the harvest time for the CDC group.
   The following subjects are currently on the list of
   possible publications:
     1. Cosmic ray test (w/ 4.6m chamber)
        ---> based on Sudo and Yamaguchi's theses
     2. Two-track separation beam test (w/ baby chamber)
        ---> the data being analyzed by Kuroiwa
        ---> this will become his thesis paper
     3. Stereo wires and gas gain variation along z
     4. Gas gain measurements (small tube chamber)
     5. Lorentz angle measurements
     6. Drift velocity and diffusion coefficient
     7. Gas properties of CO2+iso-butane based mixtures
     8. Technical design report
   Among these, items 1, 3, and 4 are now under preparation.
   The others will be drafted as soon as data become available.

[2-2] R&D Plan

   1. Lorentz Angle Measurements
      Tests and calibrations of the measurement system
      have started at Noko-dai and will be finished by the
      end of June. Actual measurements will take place at
      KEK in mid July.

   2. Gas Gain Measurements
      Remeasurements of the gas gain under various conditions
      are scheduled in the beginning of July at KEK Tanashi.
   3. Tension Measurements
      For wire material studies, the tension measurement
      system is being set up at Kinki Univ.
   4. Data Acquisition System
      Kogakuin Univ. will be responsible for a faster DAQ system
      for FADC's.

  Next week, Kuroiwa will report some preliminary results from
  the beam test for two-track separation studies.