Weekly JLC Physics Group Meeting
Place: 3F Bldg 3, KEK
Time:  10:30, 97/08/22

[0] Agenda
   0.1) Notifications
   0.2) KEK Open House
   0.3) CAL Status
[1] Notifications
   [1-1] kekux1 (Miyamoto)

   Kekux1 was cracked on around the Bon period.
   There is no estimate for recovery since the security
   hole resides in the OS for which no patch is available.
   It is recommended that those who have been using kekux1 as a
   mail server get a new mail address on the new mail server (mail.kek.jp)
   as soon as possible.
   Stuck mails on kekux1 will be forwarded to your new mail addresses
   upon request.

   [1-2] Pamphlet (Matsui)
   The JLC pamphlet
	High Energy Physics: A Challenge to Uncover the Secrets of
	the Creation and Evolution of Our Universe
   has been renewed and become available at the JLC tea room.
[2] KEK Open House (Sugimoto)
   JLC Physics Group's display will be in the ATF building: 
   Some 1.2mx6 + 0.9mx3 wide space is available in the gallery
   near the entrance to the injector compartment.
   The setup is scheduled on September 10 and 11 and all the
   JLC members are basically responsible for it.
   The open house staff on duty were decided to be:
   	AM: T.Matsui, A.Miyamoto, T.Tauchi
   	PM: Y.Sugimoto, K.Fujii, Y.Fujii
[3] CAL Status (Y.Fujii)

   A calorimeter subgroup meeting was held on Aug. 21 at KEK.
   The discussed items include the following.
   	Beam test data analysis:
   		Calibration in progress and final results will
   		be available by the next JPS meeting.
   	HPMT gain in B field:
   		It has been observed that the HPMT gain increases
   		with the B field applied to it. This is hard to
   		understand in terms of naive classical electrodynamics.
   		Strategies to study the mechanism leading to this gain
   		increase were discussed.
   	CAL modification strategy and schedule:
   	JIM problem:
   		Discrepancies among JIM outputs have been resolved.