Weekly JLC Physics Group Meeting
Place: 3F Bldg 3, KEK
Time:  10:30, 97/07/18

[0] Agenda
   0.1) Notifications
   0.2) Grace
[1] CCJLC Cluster (Miyamoto)

   CCJLC0 will be upgradeded to HP-UX 10.20, which will take
   2 days. The schedule will be announced later.
   On July 15, the FORTRAN compiler on CCJLC* changed. Unfortunately
   the change invalidated the use of long variable or subroutine names,
   and causes file deletion at the beginning of a job, unless "OLD" is
   explicitly specified.
   Consult Miyamoto for detail.
[2] Present Status of GRACE: Part 2 (Kurihara)

   This is the 2nd of the GRACE series. 
   Kurihara explained the GR4F package that is a specialized 
   package including an event generator, using GRACE.
   This inculdes full tree amplitudes, including non-resonant ones,
   with QEDPS for multiple photon emissions.
   Kurihara emphasized its advantage:
    a)	weight 1 event generation

    b)  finite fermion masses allowing consistent event generation 
    	everywhere in the kinematically allowed region.

    c)	full tree amplitudes justifying the event generations in the
        off-resonance region.
    d)	QEDPS that enables multiple photon emissions with finite Pt.
    	This approximation is valid up to 1/2 the kinimatical limit.
    It's worth noting that KORALW now adopts the GRACE-generated
    helicity amplitudes.