Weekly JLC Physics Group Meeting
Place: 3F Bldg 3, KEK
Time:  10:30, 97/07/11

[0] Agenda
   0.1) KEK Open House
   0.2) Calorimeter R&D Status
   0.3) Grace
[1] KEK Open House (Sugimoto)

   JLC part of the pamphlet for 1997 KEK Open House was discussed.

[2] Calorimeter R&D Status (Y.Fujii)

   Y.Fujii quickly reviewed the July 4 calorimeter group meeting at 
   Shinshu University. Details will be presented as soon as paper
   copies of the used transparencies become available.
[3] Present Status of GRACE (Fujimoto)

   This is the first of the seminar series to be given by Fujimoto
   and Kurihara in turn, concerning the present status and the future
   perspectives of the GRACE package for automatic calculations of
   various cross sections and subsequent event generations.
   The major activities lie in full amplitude calculations for 4-fermion
   final states, automatic 1-loop treatments, and extension to SUSY.
   These points will be covered in the series.