Weekly JLC Physics Group Meeting
Place: 3F Bldg 3, KEK
Time:  10:30, 97/06/20

[0] Agenda
   0.1) Light Higgs Search at TEVATRON
[1] Light Higgs Searches at TEVATRON (Kim)

   Kim from Tsukuba Univ. gave an informal lecture on prospects
   for light Higgs searches at TEVATRON. 

   Main points are as follows:
	The most promising signal channel is
		W H --> l nu b b

	while the main background processes include
		W b b	    	(VECBOS)
		W Z --> W b b	(PYTHIA)
		t t		(HERWIG) 
	Major changes in the event selection are optimization of
	the b-tagging:
		soft lepton tag + looser 2ndary vertex tag
	and a cut on the scattering angle of the b b system,
	resulting in a factor-of-two gain in the double b-tagging
	efficiency and further suppression of the aforementioned
	standard model backgrounds.
	Tevatron's discovery reach extends to m_h = 100 (120) GeV,
	given an integrated luminosity of 10 (30) fb^-1.
	Other signal channels such as
		Z H
		gg --> H --> tau tau
	have also been studied and found useful to enforce the
	statistical significance of the W H mode.
   Run II (2TeV run with the main injector) will start in September 
   1999 at 2 x 10^32 and last for about two years. An integrated 
   luminosity of 4 fb^-1 is thus expected by the end of 2001. 	
   TeV 33 (2TeV run at 10^33 with a recycler ring and electron cooling)
   will start in 2004. There will be no long shutdown period expected
   between Run II and TeV 33 and prospects for finding a Higgs boson
   lighter than 120 GeV are bright.

   Details can be found in Fermi-Lab. Pub 96-086.