Weekly JLC Physics Group Meeting
Place: 3F Bldg 3, KEK
Time:  10:30, 97/05/16

[0] Agenda
   0.1) CDC R&D Status
   0.2) CAL R&D Status
   0.3) KEK Open House
[1] CDC R&D Status (A.Yamaguchi)

   Yamaguchi reported the discussions in the CDC subgroup meeting
   held at Tanashi branch yesterday (5/15).

   1-1) Cosmic Ray Test of the 4.6 m Chamber
   	The gas system has been improved by introducing an automatic
   	gas bottle switcher for CO2.
   	Data analysis is on going but it is found that the data
   	for the end parts of the chamber have low statistics. 
   	Data retaking is planned in near future.
   1-2) R&D Plan
   	There are at least 4 major R&D item including
	1) Stereo cells to study gain variation along a wire
	2) Lorentz angle to be measured this summer at KEK
	3) Two-track separation
		Okuno proposed a test at Tanashi branch using a
		pair from gamma beam combined with a magnet to
		control two-track separation.
	4) Wire tension
[2] CAL R&C Status (Y.Fujii)

   Y.Fujii reported the results from the last CAL subgroup meeting
   held last Saturday.
   2-1) Analysis of Last Beam Test Data 
	No serious problems in the data suggesting no data point
	to repeat at the next beam test.
   2-2) Next Beam Test
   	The beam test will begin on May 22 and last till June 2.
   	Actual beam starts on May 24.
   	The next test will focus on the measurements of the calorimeter
   	performance in the scintillator rich direction.
   	The beam run also includes a test of GSO Crystals with 
   	PMT or photodiode readout.